Lawson Williams Webinar Series

Lawson Williams Webinar Series – Free

Leading Teams through Covid -19 and beyond

Lawson Williams is pleased to present this webinar series in partnership with Mel Rowsell to support New Zealanders who are responsible for leading people through Covid -19 and beyond.

These are truly unprecedented times challenging us to be the best leaders we can without a proven road map to work from.

Mel Rowsell is an expert in Human connection at work. She helps business build workplaces where people can thrive and achieve.

With experience as an HR professional, business consultant, coach and trainer she has worked with many New Zealand leaders. On top of that as co-founder of Vend, a rapidly scaling and globally successful technology company she practised what she preached, challenging the conventional management theories and learned what really works in building successful teams who can respond and deliver through challenging situations.

These are the next 3 Webinars in our series. We have learned a lot through the first webinar, we have taken on board your suggestions and we look forward to bringing to you content filled sessions that are interactive giving you the opportunity to contribute only if you wish.

Webinar 2.

Handling hard but essential conversations with empathy.

Friday 17th April at 9am – 9.45am

There are many difficult conversations to come in the weeks and months ahead.

This webinar will give you pointers on how to handle these hard conversations with empathy, whether it is.

– resizing your workforce, transitioning people back to the office environment or reemphasising expectations based on new service or product offerings
– how to communicate redundancies to the affected people and others.
– providing resources for your team members made redundant
– keeping your “remainers” motivated

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Webinar 3.

Managing your team when coming out of lockdown

Thursday April 23rd at 12.30pm – 1.15pm
In this interactive webinar Mel will be exploring:

– what different levels of lockdown could mean for your business and workplace
– practical steps to “refresh” your workplace culture when the “new normal” starts
– transitioning people back to office life
– if you have people continue to work from home, health and safety in the home office.

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Webinar 4.

The new future and what it means for you.

Thursday April 30th 12.30pm – 1.15pm

In this interactive webinar Mel will share critical thinking, strategies and tools to help you manage these situations. We also encourage sharing from participants so we can all learn from each other.

As the “new normal” settles into view, leaders and business owners will be grappling with some questions. Some likely scenarios could include

– a newly shaped team, with new skills and expectations around flexible and digital working
– a different suite (or revenue mix) of products and services and roles that have rapidly changed
– ongoing ambiguity around the economy and how to be nimble and use critical thinking to look for opportunities.

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