Webinar Series – Leading Teams through Covid-19 and beyond

Lawson Williams was pleased to present this webinar series in partnership with Mel Rowsell to support New Zealanders who are responsible for leading people through Covid -19 and beyond.

These are truly unprecedented times challenging us to be the best leaders we can without a proven road map to work from.

Mel Rowsell is an expert in Human connection at work. She helps business build workplaces where people can thrive and achieve.

With experience as an HR professional, business consultant, coach and trainer she has worked with many New Zealand leaders. On top of that as co-founder of Vend, a rapidly scaling and globally successful technology company she practiced what she preached, challenging the conventional management theories and learned what really works in building successful teams who can respond and deliver through challenging situations.

Webinar Slides and recordings.


Webinar 1: Providing certainty to your teams in uncertain times


Webinar 2: Handling hard but essential conversations with empathy


Webinar 3: Managing your team when coming out of lockdown


Webinar 4: The new future and what it means for you



Videos for each session can be accessed by contacting Penny Langstaff .  The size of each video means that unfortunately we are unable to make them available on our website