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Interview success – Can you tell a story?

Can you remember a time when you were listening to someone speak and somehow, they engaged you? To this day you can remember most of what they said or at least the message they were trying to convey?

It’s more likely than not the person told a story, they made you feel something and that’s why you remember.

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Keep it up OrangeSky – working for our homeless

Every day on my way home I drive past the Methodist Central Church on Pitt street. Recently, once a week there has been an orange van parked in the car park with a group of people standing around talking.

As I drive past sometimes the back door will open, and a person will step out looking as though they have just had a shower. In the front of the van a mobile laundry is operating, and a group of chairs is set out for people to wait for their turn or just stay and have a chat.

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Accredited Employer status with New Zealand Immigration to become compulsory.


The government is making significant changes to immigration to control the quality of new migrants entering New Zealand to work and to ensure that more Kiwis are employed in preference to migrants.

If you have been recruiting new staff in New Zealand with specific skills over the last 5 years you will know that it is often difficult to find Kiwis with the skills required.

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