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Staff Turnover data shows New Zealand – a multi speed economy?

The  National Staff Turnover Survey by Lawson Williams Consulting Group has once again produced some very interesting findings that will assist participating companies to better understand effective recruitment processes.


Staff Turnover data shows New Zealand – a multi speed economy?

Unlike previous years, both 2014 and 2015 surveys demonstrate an interesting departure from trend.

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One small step for mankind, one giant leap for your career

You know how your manager asks a question and in your head you process how you think the conversation and your thought process should go only to realise you’re not thinking in your head, you are thinking out loud… AND it’s too late to take the words back…

That’s how I now find myself in this predicament.

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Working Successfully with Recruiters

8 Ways to Successfully Work with Recruiters.

Although you will have been contacted by recruiters from time to time, you may or may not have been interested in what they had on offer. Most people should have realized by now that recruiters are not only useful when you are changing jobs but also when you are perfectly happy within your position.

Over time, your relationships with good recruiters will prove mutually beneficial as long as you nurture them.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Lawson Williams Job Seeker Blog. We are a specialist recruitment company working with a wide range of New Zealand businesses seeking skills in the areas of Manufacturing and Operations, Engineering & Infrastructure, Lean, Supply Chain & Procurement, Technical & Compliance and Technical Sales.

In addition to giving you access to our current jobs this blog aims to provide information that will assist you in your job search.

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