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Interpersonal Skills – do you have them?

People regularly use words like “strong interpersonal skills” when describing themselves and companies often ask for good interpersonal skills when looking for new staff. From our experience, few people can give a useful description of what Interpersonal skills really are, but CEB (previously Saville Holdsworth),  a global leader in Talent measurement, gives us some useful insight.

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One small step for mankind, one giant leap for your career

You know how your manager asks a question and in your head you process how you think the conversation and your thought process should go only to realise you’re not thinking in your head, you are thinking out loud… AND it’s too late to take the words back…

That’s how I now find myself in this predicament.

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Working Successfully with Recruiters

8 Ways to Successfully Work with Recruiters.

Although you will have been contacted by recruiters from time to time, you may or may not have been interested in what they had on offer. Most people should have realized by now that recruiters are not only useful when you are changing jobs but also when you are perfectly happy within your position.

Over time, your relationships with good recruiters will prove mutually beneficial as long as you nurture them.

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Kiwis go spring job hunting

Kiwis are taking the change in season as an opportunity to go job hunting, with activity outstripping the number of positions being advertised in September.

The latest data from recruitment website shows what while new job ads rose 0.1 per cent in the months, the deluge of applications led to a 1.9 per cent dip in the overall Seek Employment Index.

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