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What’s your story?

If you have been active in the job market recently you will have heard about Behavioural interview questions or experienced them in a job interview. They usually start with “Tell me about a time when you…” or “Give me an example of when you…”.

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Interview success – Can you tell a story?

Can you remember a time when you were listening to someone speak and somehow, they engaged you? To this day you can remember most of what they said or at least the message they were trying to convey?

It’s more likely than not the person told a story, they made you feel something and that’s why you remember.

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What does your employer need you to be? – more innovative

A recent survey of New Zealand business leaders by  journalist Diane Clement asked, what was their number one interview question. Almost half of the respondent’s questions focused on change and innovation. This is no surprise with all we know about the current world of work and with what we are being told to expect.  

We will all need to look at doing things differently even challenging the status quo with ideas or solutions.

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The New Zealand National Average Turnover

The  National Staff Turnover Survey by Lawson Williams has once again produced some very interesting findings that will assist participating companies to better understand effective recruitment processes.

The national average turnover for 2015 was 18.4%. This is the highest rate since 2008 showing an 11.4% increase on 2014.

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Interpersonal Skills – do you have them?

People regularly use words like “strong interpersonal skills” when describing themselves and companies often ask for good interpersonal skills when looking for new staff. From our experience, few people can give a useful description of what Interpersonal skills really are, but CEB (previously Saville Holdsworth),  a global leader in Talent measurement, gives us some useful insight.

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