Outplacement Services

Research indicates┬áthat employees who receive outplacement support find employment more quickly and more easily than those that don’t.

Transition and Outplacement services support employees affected by change, helping them transition effectively to new opportunities, to be the master of change rather than the victim of it.

Change in business today is inevitable. Jack Welsh of General Electric stated “If the rate of change inside our business is less than the rate of change outside, our end is in sight!”

Restructures and the resulting departures can be challenging for both departing staff and the organisation and it is important to provide support to individuals through this time.

It is critical to understand that the process of redundancy sends a strong message to the staff that are staying about how the organisation treats its people.

Looking after those who are leaving is an opportunity to help create loyalty and buy-in to the reasons for the restructure from all employees.

Lawson Williams Outplacement Services are managed and delivered in partnership with our sister company InterviewSkills. Through our combined extensive experience in employment and job transition we deliver to our clients Transition Support, Careers Advisory and Job Search Support services for individuals or groups of departing employees, customised to suit the circumstances.

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