How does your staff turnover compare – NZ Staff Turnover Survey


The bench marking of Staff Turnover against other New Zealand companies in the 
same sector provides a baseline indication of the success of recruitment, induction, 
retention, performance and organisational culture. 
The improvement of staff turnover is a competitive opportunity New Zealand  
employers have, in an increasingly talent and skills short market. 
This is the only National Staff Turnover survey in New Zealand and provides turnover data for specific industry sectors, giving your organisation the ability to compare your turnover with similar businesses.  
Taking only 10 minutes to complete, by participating you will receive… 
• Industry comparison – your organisation’s performance on staff turnover versus other employers in your industry sector. Also included is private sector vs. public sector comparisons. 
• Voluntary versus involuntary departures – a benchmark indicator of your Staff Retention performance & Organisational Culture. 
• Departures in the first year of employment – a benchmark indicator of the success of your Recruitment & Induction programmes. 
• Turnover by Region – compare across New Zealand. 
• 90 day trial period – adoption and use of. 
• Other Turnover Data – including reasons for leaving, retention strategies, exit interview and outplacement use 
• Trends Analysis and Commentary – key comparisons with the previous five years and suggestions for the future. 
• Recommendations – managing turnover and applying turnover metrics. 
If you’re interested in participating in the 2019 Turnover Survey which is free to enter and ensures you receive a full report which is only available to participants, contact