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Large number of open vacancies are hurting New Zealand businesses.

Skills Shortages and the Cost of Vacancy (COV)

The reality of skills shortages is a hotly debated and politicised topic in New Zealand.

The 2022 NZ Staff Turnover and Employment Survey canvassed organisations on the impacts of current skills shortages.

In 2022, 72% of businesses reported they had positions that they were unable to fill. This was an increase from 64% in 2021.

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How does your staff turnover compare – NZ Staff Turnover Survey

The bench marking of Staff Turnover against other New Zealand companies in the same sector provides a baseline indication of the success of recruitment, induction, retention, performance and organisational culture.  The improvement of staff turnover is a competitive opportunity New Zealand  employers have, in an increasingly talent and skills short market.

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The New Zealand National Average Turnover

The  National Staff Turnover Survey by Lawson Williams has once again produced some very interesting findings that will assist participating companies to better understand effective recruitment processes.

The national average turnover for 2015 was 18.4%. This is the highest rate since 2008 showing an 11.4% increase on 2014.

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