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Industry 4.0: Essential People and Leadership Skills for New Zealand’s Future Manufacturing Sector

Introduction to Industry 4.0 in New Zealand

As New Zealand’s manufacturing sector stands on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, it becomes imperative to reassess the essential people and leadership skills that will navigate this transformative era.

Industry 4.0 isn’t merely about technological advancement; it’s a fusion of digital, physical, and biological spheres, reshaping how industries operate.

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Accredited Employer status with New Zealand Immigration to become compulsory.


The government is making significant changes to immigration to control the quality of new migrants entering New Zealand to work and to ensure that more Kiwis are employed in preference to migrants.

If you have been recruiting new staff in New Zealand with specific skills over the last 5 years you will know that it is often difficult to find Kiwis with the skills required.

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Sir Paul Callaghan had what we all need – GRIT

As i write this blog the documentary Dancing with Atoms, a tribute to Sir Paul Callaghan is being released. I heard the filmmaker Shirley Horrocks speak about the making of it and about the remarkable and interesting person he was. Tragically Sir Paul passed away in 2012 and for those of us in the New Zealand food industry we are often reminded of him through Callaghan Innovation, the governments agency supporting tech innovation and its support of NZFIN, the Food Innovation Network.

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The New Zealand National Average Turnover

The  National Staff Turnover Survey by Lawson Williams has once again produced some very interesting findings that will assist participating companies to better understand effective recruitment processes.

The national average turnover for 2015 was 18.4%. This is the highest rate since 2008 showing an 11.4% increase on 2014.

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