How to improve your interview process – feedback from job seekers

Recruiter Insider has recently reported some initial interesting statistics collected from candidates after client/candidate interviews.

There is greater expectation on the interview process today and in the competitive world of employment it is important that companies understand how they compare and importantly what they can do to improve the experience of people seeking employment with their organisations.

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Keep it up OrangeSky – working for our homeless

Every day on my way home I drive past the Methodist Central Church on Pitt street. Recently, once a week there has been an orange van parked in the car park with a group of people standing around talking.

As I drive past sometimes the back door will open, and a person will step out looking as though they have just had a shower. In the front of the van a mobile laundry is operating, and a group of chairs is set out for people to wait for their turn or just stay and have a chat.

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Be the Expert and more! – learn to influence

On a day to day basis we work with a lot of experts. Food technologists, research scientists, quality specialists, engineers, demand planners, procurement specialists, production managers, technical sales specialists. The list goes on. Being an expert within your industry or organisation is a key factor in getting ahead in your career.

In today’s organisations however expertise alone doesn’t count.

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Accredited Employer status with New Zealand Immigration to become compulsory.


The government is making significant changes to immigration to control the quality of new migrants entering New Zealand to work and to ensure that more Kiwis are employed in preference to migrants.

If you have been recruiting new staff in New Zealand with specific skills over the last 5 years you will know that it is often difficult to find Kiwis with the skills required.

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Will 2020 be time for a change?

Well, it’s the start of another year and a new decade. Hopefully you’ve had some time out to relax and enjoy the sunshine but if you’re back at work, your holiday may already seem like a distant memory!

For some of us, the start of a new year means making resolutions – most of which we probably know we won’t stick to! – but if one of those is to find a new job/progress your career, what do you need to consider to make that happen?

Here are some pointers to help.

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This is different! Voluntary Turnover holds steady as Involuntary Turnover climbs rapidly

The New Zealand Staff Turnover survey was first published in 2006. Consequently, we now have over a decade of data which covers the latest economic cycle. The survey results clearly emphasise the very cyclical nature of staff turnover and its relationship to the strength of the economy.

In 2018 however, we discussed the new forces impacting on the turnover of staff. Firstly, the rapid change to the composition of our workforce.

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