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Lean & Continuous Improvement jobs across New Zealand, with offices in Auckland and the Waikato

Lawson Williams started recruiting Lean & Continuous Improvement jobs in 2002. Our recruitment focused initially on “Operations Excellence” then quickly moved into the Lean and Six sigma in 2006 as the world and New Zealand focused on the achievements of  Toyota, looking to replicate the characteristics of that operation based on  Lean principles.

The Boston Consulting Group in their article “Getting more from Lean” defined seven key factors for success in Lean. It is our experience also that New Zealand organisations who have had greater success in Lean have done the following


  1. Chosen strategic, customer-centred projects
  2. Thought big but started small
  3. Involved everyone – from top managers to line workers
  4. Tailored their approach to the culture
  5. Assigned dedicated, experienced resources
  6. Used metrics to drive progress
  7. Communicated, communicated and communicated.



Lean & Continuous Improvement Jobs

Our Lean and Continuous Improvement recruitment specialisations include


6 Sigma, MBB, BB, GB

Process/Continuous Improvement

Operations Excellence

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