Health and Safety

New legislation requires all businesses to place renewed and ongoing focus on the health and safety of all employees.

In addition to our recruitment specialisation in H&S, Lawson Williams provides two important products to enable our clients to develop their systems and culture and to maintain compliance.

Health and Safety system audit and development

Using industry professionals we review and improve existing Health and Safety programs and systems. We can implement a complete H&S program if required which is modelled around the requirements for ACC Level 3 accreditation.

This system will provide the framework for your development of compliant Health and Safety system and importantly a culture that is centred around the safety and health of your workforce.

WorkPro – H&S Induction, MOJ Police checks and License management

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WorkPro specialises in compliance, centralising H&S inductions, Ministry of Justice checks and licence management in a simple web-based program.

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WorkPro…simplifying Compliance Management

Regardless of the industry that you conduct business in, you have an obligation to deliver, manage and monitor a range of pre- employee screening services, including mandatory work health and safety training and work rights check. In some cases you may also require a national police check and licence/ticket currency.

Compliance management extends to not only your permanent workforce, but also contractors, temps and volunteers.

WorkPro is a web-based program that combines employee screening services such as H&S induction and training, EEO induction training, Ministry of Justice checks (police checks) and a licence management function. The system’s design simplicity assists your employees to get ‘work ready’ quickly and conveniently. It provides you the opportunity to streamline the delivery and management of your employee’s pre-employment screening via a single login.

Trusted by hundreds of companies across Australia and New Zealand to deliver reliable and cost-effective on-line staff inductions and pre-employment checks, you can be confident in meeting your compliance obligations.

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Ministry of Justice, Criminal conviction check service

If you employ people do you police check them?

Pre-employment Ministry of Justice checks are becoming a necessary part of employment checks in New Zealand for prospective employees. Police checking your staff allows you to make an informed hiring decision about an individual and minimise the risk of experiencing expensive hiring mistakes.

The problem is the standard check service is taking over 7 weeks to deliver a report. This causes issues when employing staff. You either wait for the check before making an offer which means you will risk losing the candidate or you make an offer subject to the check being acceptable.

Neither option is suitable in today’s employment market but now Workpro offers a timely and cost effective solution.

A Police check report in 6 working days for only $19.00.

Why use Workpro?

Secure Portal – WorkPro is an approved Third Party provider of the NZ Ministry of Justice and is now able to provide a streamlined procedure to organisations to process and manage their criminal conviction history requests.

Choice – WorkPro provides you with a simple on-line application process where Applicants can complete the necessary paperwork for a check, and allows you to choose the service level you require for every single check.

Transparent and competitive pricing – WorkPro charges only $19 per person for a Priority service and Free for a Standard service and invoices monthly in arrears.

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